About Vishrambh

Our world is surrounded by smiles; these eternal, wonderful and blessed smiles are the signs of our innate nature of unconditional warmth and affection. Can you imagine more beautiful that an innocent smile of a child? However, this world is also a cauldron of sadness, pain and loneliness, and there are some who are privileged and others who are not. Vishrambh Society has been initiated in consonance with the ethos that there are certain responsibilities of privileged ones who can change certain dimensions of this sorrowful society by lending their helping hands. We are a group of corporate professionals who work for the underprivileged class of our society, and try to change the face of thousands of lives.

Our primary aim is to uplift the social status of underprivileged children and their families across 28 states in India. Our objective is not just to help children by imparting education, clothing, homes to homeless, but we try to tackle the root cause of the problem that keeps a vast population of children uneducated, exploited and vulnerable to a large part of our community.

We are primarily focused on the following social issues:

Vishrambh Society believes in the fact that distributing money is not enough to uplift underprivileged children, but ensuring a long-term commitment to tackle with the root cause.

Vishrambh Society works on the fundamental approach to minimize the plight of destitute children by helping them to amalgamate in the society. Proper schooling and educational rights to children at least up to 12th standard to develop a certain level of awareness in social, economic, political and cultural dimensions, and thus we proactively work to impart a value-based education to children.

We also try to focus on the artistic training by opening schools for music, dance drama, painting, sculpture, interior decoration etc. Also special emphasis is given on soft skill set development such as cutting, tailoring, binding, cooking etc. to empower the woman of the weaker society

We believe healthcare is a right not privilege. 58% of children below 2 years are not vaccinated. Over 60% children in India are anemic and 95 of every 1000 children born do not live longer till their 5th birthday. The alarming scenario of healthcare of underprivileged children in India forces us to look for a concrete solution.

Creating awareness amongst a vast privileged section of our society by developing journals, organize social discussion, promote knowledge and through some other voluntary works.